Saturday, June 6, 2020

Talent Wins

During this Circuit Breaker, I took time out to read this book on "Talent Wins", a book on putting people first.

Some takeaways to share:

1) Critical 2% talent retention

- Identifying the critical talents internally, to plan ahead and keep them engage.
- There is also a need to extend peripheral vision, to step out and seek out best talents in the market (but be prepared to pay if you believe great talent creates multiples value more than average talent.)

2) The G3 collaboration - GM, Finance and HR 
- It's an art and science but if GM can play the balancing act well to align both key stakeholders (these two experienced leaders are not likely to change easily though), it will be a win-win situation for your business!

The book also touch on how a credible HRBP can help to build a Talent First organization. The must have:

- Traditional HR background who has experience in payroll, benefits and training/development
- Act as a Consultant, understand the business needs, business savvy and step up, to have personal view point
- HR Analytics, marshal data to bring external perspective on talent and leadership into actionable plan

An ideal HRBP, should be intellectually curious, deep knowledge of the business, a feel how it makes money, have an insight in judging people, willing to be engaged in business and courage to have personal view point, my two cents.

Have a great day ahead! Cheers...

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Art on Managing Oneself

Recently, I have attended an interesting session by Dr Ang Yong Guan on “Intelligence is more than just IQ- nurturing emotional intelligent children”.  I learnt the art on managing oneself in 4 simple points:

1. Self-Awareness
2. Self-Management
3. Social Awareness (Empathy)
4. Relationship Management (Social skills)

Just like Maslow Hierarchy of needs, first you need to have self- awareness before you can show empathy to others.

There is also an intriguing concept on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner.

Howard suggested that we can have a range of abilities, someone strong in Visual-Spatial Intelligence and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence can be a good aircraft mechanic for example.

My self-inflection, to be successful you must exhibit the domains of emotional intelligence while using multiple intelligences as situation arise, my two cents.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Steve Job's commencement speech at Stanford - Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Recently during All Hands, I watched this inspiring speech by Steve Job.. just wanna share this with my readers and friends. 

Steve Job's commencement speech at Stanford

You can also watch it on Youtube -

As the year comes to a close, I wanna thank all my friends and family who have stayed closed to my heart & believing me always.. I will keep walking.. Merry Xmas.. have a blessed time reading or viewing with your family!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

HR Technology - Recruitment

I came across this new platform of hiring by using “Broadbean”, an automated job distribution tool and that allows simultaneous job posting to multiple jobsites. Infact, HR technology will become more streamlined as we can move away from multiple vendors to a big data analytics system that allows applicant tracking and video interview possible in one platform..

Check this out: Broadbean

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

HR Good Practices

I was reading this book, Human Resources Case Studies, by Martin Gabriel. 

A good guide while I enjoyed my afternoon tea reading it, with relevant case studies particularly for HR professional.

Some good HR good practices for your reference:

Nuggets for the day: 

Keep walking..

Heb 13:5 God has said, "I will never leave you, I will never abandon you."

Friday, December 25, 2015

Working At The Right Places

As the year draws to a close, an article that I wish to share on working at "the Right Places" by SHRI based on the whitepaper - Fast Forward 2030: The Future of Work and the Workplace (CBRE).

It covers new emerging tends that are evolving in our workplaces..and young employees are seeking out for:

  • Activity-based: "places to work" rather than "work places";
  • A future workplace with "a wide variety of quiet retreat and collaborative settings" with flexibility to chose a setting that best suits their work at any particular moment; &
  • Workplaces that are designed to support wellbeing

Happy blessed!